CPR ASAP Center in Columbia, SC and Georgia. medical gloves in columbia, travel first aid kits in Columbia, SC 

In 1999, my mom saved my grandmas's life by performing CPR on her.

2.5 minutes sustained my grandma's life for about 12 years. When she did pass away, her death had nothing to do with why she needed CPR in the first place. 

If my mom didn't have a caring a patient instructor, our story would have been very different!

It is my mission to ensure that every participant understands the intellectual as well as the hands-on skills portion of these courses.

I aim to make that impression everyday at the

CPR-ASAP CENTER. Come to us for your AHA CPR Classes.  

3604 Fernandina rd. Columbia, SC  (803) 466-7183


            CPR​-ASAP CENTER

                                                                        Cpr Asap Center in Columbia

Serving south carolina and georgia- est. 2007

“Ask for Tangie. She is a sweet and very informative person.”

“The instructor is awesome and made the class easy and understandable and comfortable for the students and explained the class well and let us ask questions.”

"Just wanted to thank you again for the outstandingness of your teaching today !!  The presentation of the material and your methods in presenting the material was great !!"
Jennifer H.